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Unlock Your Full Potential with Our Holistic Approach

Welcome to In the Moment x, where we focus on a holistic approach to life that considers the body, mind, and soul. Our love of nature led us to create this business, and we specialise in Permaculture design, Ayurvedic herbalism, yoga, meditation, nutrition, breathwork, cooking, organic living, and so much more. We believe that a crunchy lifestyle is the key to optimal health and wellness.

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Finding Happiness

I have been a lifelong student of learning how to bring more happiness in to everyday life.  Through my practise and studies I have learnt so many Ancient techniques and tools to help along the way.  I share my knowledge and teach you the tools that can bring all elements of your life into balance.  We work with the Holistic approach that the Mind, body and soul are all connected.  

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