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Embracing Creativity: A New Year's Resolution of Inspired Crafting

Julia Evans-Peers - Jewellery - Artist - In the Moment x
Julia Evans-Peers - Jewellery - Artist - In the Moment x

Hello Dear Souls,

As we step into the new year, I've decided to shift my focus from resolutions to the joy of incorporating new practices into my life. One delightful pursuit that's captured my heart is crafting—a soulful endeavour that sometimes takes a backseat amid life's priorities.

Crafting: A Love Revived: I've noticed that, like many of us, I go through phases with my sewing machine and jewellery-making tools. Life's demands often sneakily shift our attention away from the things we love. However, this year, I'm determined to keep crafting in the forefront of my life.

Nature's Muse: The Shells: The shells I collected during the recent holiday season ignited a wondrous creative spark within me. Their unique shapes and textures inspired a surge of designs, and I'm thrilled to share a snapshot of a pair of shell earrings I crafted. Witnessing the natural beauty, the way light dances in a myriad of colours, has been nothing short of spectacular.

Crafting for Joy and Connection: Engaging in this creative process has been a joy—a deliberate act of focusing on something enjoyable and solely for myself. Crafting connects me to a deeper part of myself, akin to the profound presence experienced in meditation. It's a beautiful journey of self-expression and mindfulness.

"Behold the beauty in every detail—the glistening shells that inspired a burst of creativity. Crafting these shell earrings has been a meditation in itself, a celebration of the present moment."

Your Turn to Rediscover: As I embark on this crafting journey, I'm curious about your stories. What's a hobby or passion you once had and wish to rekindle? Let's share our aspirations and inspire each other to embrace the joy of rediscovery.

Here's to a year filled with creative endeavours, mindful moments, and the beauty of rekindling our passions.

With love and creativity,

Julia Evans-Peers

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