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It's feeling hot, hot, hot

What a great start to the Summer we have down here in Southern Spain. As usual the area is filled with tourists and second homers who have headed to Sotogrande for their summer vacations and it's a lovely delight. The sound of children playing at the beach, laughter, the waves splashing. Watching the Dolphins and boats, everything from tiny sailboats to super yachts. Suprisingly the water is super cold, but jumping in is just so refreshing. The water is crystal clear and there aren't usually too many waves. However as the wind is up today there are lots of kite surfers taking to the water, to take advantage of this long stretch of coastline.

It reminds me of the happy people at an airport arrival, everyone pleased to see each other. Here everyone is ready to rest and take in the long summer days and nights. Festivities and parties are to be heard all around and with the heat it's typical to see people starting to eat at 10pm in the evening. The smell of Sardines drifts down the beach, tempting you to sample the flavour. The evenings are also a good relief from the scorching sunshine.

Remember to make the most of the summer and spend it outdoors in nature.

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