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Life by Design at In the Moment x

At In the Moment X with Julia Marie Clare, we believe in the power of ancient wisdom to transform lives. As a lifelong learner and seeker, I have discovered tools and techniques that have brought balance, happiness, and health into my life. I am passionate about sharing these transformative practices with others, helping them to live their best lives. Our holistic approach to health prioritises mental, emotional, and physical wellness as interconnected components of overall well-being.

We invite you to join us on a journey to discover the timeless wisdom passed down through the ages. Embrace practices rooted in permaculture, Ayurveda, yoga, herbalism, and sustainable living. Inspired by the Projects, with commitment to peace research, ecological sustainability, and holistic community living, we strive to create an eco-community that values biodiversity, agroforestry, and regenerative practices.

Together, let’s explore the interconnectedness of art, spirituality, and healing within our ecosystem. Our focus on education and leadership empowers individuals to contribute to a sustainable future. By blending ancient wisdom with modern energy technology and organic practices, we foster autonomy and resilience. Join us at In the Moment X and be part of a community where ancient wisdom and contemporary solutions come together for a harmonious and sustainable future. Let's create something beautiful and lasting, hand in hand.

The small things

I found these tiny flowers on the top of the Burgurac Mountain in the Pyrenees, France. They grow at the very top, 1230 metres high and in very harsh conditions. This day was very windy and cold at the top.

Taking the time to notice the small things is all part of being in the moment. Living in the present and remembering to have gratitude.

I highly recommend a visit, energy of this area is steeped in old legends and myths. It is very famous for it's Cathare history.

In the distance you can just make out the snow peaked mountains.

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