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Wwoof France

Updated: Oct 25

I am currently volunteering at an Organic Farm in the Pyrenees as part of the Wwoofers program. It's a program where you can learn more about Organic living by committing a portion of your time (usually 5 Hours a day x 5 days a week) in exchange for accommodation, 3 meals a day. It's usually light work like Gardening and helping to prepare meals etc. I have been lucky enough to find a host that is very active and on the first day after I arrived, we joined a group of her German friends and hiked up the Bugarach Mountain in the Pyrenees, France. It's a 1230 metre climb to the top. It was really hard going and very windy and cold at the top, however the view was worth it. As we climbed higher we could see the vultures circling in the distance and hoped that they weren't coming for us.

How the world can seem so different when you are so far up. How small and insignificant we seem as we look over the edge. This is me at the top trying not to get blown away.

Follow me to keep up with my Wwoofing adventure.

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