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At In the Moment X with Julia Marie Clare, we believe in the power of ancient wisdom to transform lives. As a lifelong learner and seeker, I have discovered tools and techniques that have brought balance, happiness, and health into my life. I am passionate about sharing these transformative practices with others, helping them to live their best lives. Our holistic approach to health prioritises mental, emotional, and physical wellness as interconnected components of overall well-being.

We invite you to join us on a journey to discover the timeless wisdom passed down through the ages. Embrace practices rooted in permaculture, Ayurveda, yoga, herbalism, and sustainable living. Inspired by the Projects, with commitment to peace research, ecological sustainability, and holistic community living, we strive to create an eco-community that values biodiversity, agroforestry, and regenerative practices.

Together, let’s explore the interconnectedness of art, spirituality, and healing within our ecosystem. Our focus on education and leadership empowers individuals to contribute to a sustainable future. By blending ancient wisdom with modern energy technology and organic practices, we foster autonomy and resilience. Join us at In the Moment X and be part of a community where ancient wisdom and contemporary solutions come together for a harmonious and sustainable future. Let's create something beautiful and lasting, hand in hand.

Embracing Nature: Insights from the Agro Climate Event at Marbella Pool

Julia Marie Clare - Permaculture Design Consultant - Holistic Health Practitioner and Teacher

Our team at In the Moment X recently had the privilege of attending an enlightening event hosted at the Marbella Pool, delving into the intricacies of Agro climate and it's connection to Nature. The gathering brought together visionaries from various companies pioneering innovations in this vital field. Among the topics explored, one particularly stood out: the integration of autonomous buildings with nature-based solutions.

We were fascinated by discussions on harnessing the concept of autonomous buildings and how they can be ingeniously engineered to coexist harmoniously with nature. The spotlight was on vertical ecosystems, showcasing how waste water from buildings can be efficiently recycled, a concept with immense potential in addressing the pressing water scarcity issues faced by regions like Southern Spain.

With the current drought situation in Southern Spain, the emphasis on water conservation was palpable throughout the event. It was heartening to witness the collective dedication of so many individuals towards celebrating nature and fostering forward-thinking solutions.

Julia Marie Clare - Holistic Lifestyle Consultant

Saving Water at Home: Small Changes, Big Impact - Nature

In light of the insights gained from the event, here are some practical ways we can all contribute to water conservation at home:

  1. Fix Leaks: A dripping faucet may seem insignificant, but over time, it can waste a significant amount of water. Regularly check for leaks and promptly repair them.

  2. Opt for Water-Efficient Appliances: When purchasing appliances like washing machines and dishwashers, opt for models with high water efficiency ratings. They not only save water but also reduce utility bills.

  3. Collect Rainwater: Install a rain barrel to collect rainwater for watering plants and gardens. It's a simple yet effective way to reduce dependence on municipal water sources.

  4. Shorten Shower Time: Consider reducing your shower time by a few minutes. Even a small reduction can result in substantial water savings over time.

  5. Water-Saving Fixtures: Install water-saving fixtures such as low-flow showerheads and faucet aerators. These simple upgrades can significantly reduce water consumption without compromising functionality.

  6. Mulch Garden Beds: Applying mulch to garden beds helps retain moisture in the soil, reducing the need for frequent watering.

  7. Reuse Water: Collect and reuse water from activities such as rinsing fruits and vegetables or waiting for shower water to warm up. This "gray water" can be used for tasks like watering plants or cleaning.

At In the Moment, we are passionate about promoting holistic lifestyle education and consulting, particularly in the realms of permaculture design inspired by nature. We believe that by aligning our lifestyles with the principles of nature, we can create sustainable solutions that benefit both people and the planet.

Take Action Today

Join us in our mission to embrace nature and cultivate a sustainable future. Whether it's implementing water-saving practices at home or advocating for eco-friendly initiatives in your community, every action counts. Together, let's treat nature with the grace it deserves and pave the way for a greener, more resilient world.

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